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Junkyard 1.4T with Turbo - Lesson Learned

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I found a used 60k miles 1.4T. I was looking for a parts/development engine with all the sensors and hoses, intake manifold, TB, and also the TURBO!! This listed engine ( was still in the vehicle, jackpot this way I can get all the details.

They pulled the engine for me after leaving a deposit, Engine cost $225+$40 core, $150 for used turbo = $415 was the initial bill. When I came in to pick it up the next day, I asked to look at it. The 3-way cat was still bolted up, so I asked to remove it so I can see if the turbo is cracked. **Thanks, I would never have known to seek this out**. The owner looked at it and asked the mechanic to help me pull it. We battled with the 3-way mount bolts. After some delay I had to find the boss again and I asked him, "can you mark up the exhaust manifold so that when I go home and possibly find a crack, we can ensure I didn't swap parts on you.", he asked what the issue was and I said we need some torches. We walk back out and asks the Mechanic to torch off a couple rusted bolts holding the 3-way on. Throughout this, both the Owner and Mechanic are super cool. I keep saying "This is a common issue", "you can google several pictures" because it wasn't exactly as easy as I thought to remove it and didn't want to piss them off.

Finally we pull the 3-way off and I look right at the wastegate flapper and see a line. I stick my face into the turbo with my ultra-myopic eyesight and a light, yup 100% it is a cracked turbo. After some dealing with the owner, my final cost was $275 for the complete engine and turbo. He sold me the cracked turbo for $50 (I wanted it) and they knocked off the core charge all together!!

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Nice work.

Common issue with Subaru turbos also. Doesn't seem to affect how they work though, just unsightly.

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Well done.
Interesting. I don't usually read the posts about the gasoline engined cars, but this one caught my attention.
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