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Just a random thought about a code.....

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So yesterday I took my cruze out to dinner and again I got this B2AAA engine code that I scanned last year, vanished for a couple of months and yesterday it came back.... searched it up some people say its a fake code, others say it a catalyst issue so I was just wondering.... for those with the zzp downpipe ( or BNR ) what code popped on your cruze? My code came on soon as I installed the downpipe but car has always felt strong. note that I plan on tuning the car this year and I know the code will soon be gone :) just wanted to hear some input on this.... thanks for your time!
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i thought I read there was a little tune to fix that problem? teach me master.
lol..... im sure on any tune you could delete the code, I just wanted to see if anyone had the same code after installing a downpipe. I dont like seeing engine codes on my dash

i thought I read there was a little tune to fix that problem? teach me master.
not delete the code --Note: The ZZP O2 housing does not include a catalytic converter and will set check engine light w/o ECU programming
ZZP Race O2 Housing/Downpipe 1.4L

8whp in about 30 minutes!
I know you know that changing any of the nanny parameters in cars today sometimes kick a codes up. **** a CAI changes the parameters & may kick a code up. I like suspension upgrades myself. no lowering just upgrading. Example: base impala to the police package version= bigger sway bars & end links, bigger better rotors & brakes & the rear trailing arms. I did this kit for my buddies car when I changed his struts all around so it was easier to do all @ once. Man when I took it for a test ride 25 mins I wanted to buy an impala. That thing handled & braked REAL good. I'm was & still driving a 98 olds 88 ls. < my 1st 4 door after driving 2 doors for 20+ yrs. i'm ranting now. sorry :(
There is more to consider than just those codes that will be popping up with out a tune to write over these warning codes ..

Back Pressures and the Velocities of these back pressures . With a down pipe of a bigger dimension these back pressures and velocities will change and need to be addressed for your entire exhaust to completely expell these pressures and not build up because of inconsistancies with dimensions ..Flow ..
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Well said Brian , I plan on doing a custom cat less exhaust this summer to go along with the BNR tune. Didn't drive the car too much last year with the downpipe jut found it odd that it popped back up. Thanks fellas
I knew i needed a tune lol, thats not why I started this thread, I wanted to see if anyone else had the same error code^^. Im doing a tune first thing on the mod list lol, ill let you know how it goes ;)
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