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Just bought 2012 cruse rs white. new.

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just wanted to say hi, and post a few pics of the car. did a few mods first day we got it. de-badged, black emblems and weather tech floor liners...

will be adding fiberglass sub box (soon).
tinted windows maybe.

heres some pic's of the car and few of other car and bike might have gotten in there too.
some are before i blacked out and debadged

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Congrats on the your new Cruze LTZ RS. Also nice pics.
Congrats on your cruze and welcome to CT. The black looks really nice on the white.
Luv the pics! Congrats on your fresh ride and welcome!:goodjob:
Welcome to CruzeTalk! Love the new ride and congrats!

Sent from my DROID3
Very nice, welcome to the forum.
nice car!!
congrats and welcome!
Good looking car. Lets not do the same ****! HAHA
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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