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Just getting started

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As the title says, I'm just working on new interior mods. I recently installed the K&N typhoon CAI. I wanted to start modifying my interior and went ahead and plasti-dipped the dashboard rings. Next up is doing white on the ac vents and grey plastic around the shifter. I plan to black out my bow ties and other cruze emblems. Any other ideas?

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Change the K&N filter to Amsoil and check gaps.
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Check your spark plug gaps . What model and year ?
You could also dip the speaker rings while your doing the other trim, they simply pop out with a butter knife and are easy to dip while your doing the trim.

Also; debadge, LED convert the interior lights, regap the plugs (or get copper plugs), VG Sharkfin.

All relatively cheap/easy mods.
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