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Just pushed my car back to my house

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I took my car into the Chevy Midway dealer for a battery replacement 9/29/2017 , they found a leak in my water pump ((only pump covered under power train )) and replaced it, with hoses ((charged my $540 for hoses + labor only)). I took it in yesterday morning due to my coolant being low and ticking in this silver hockey puck looking thing kind of above my engine and they said it's common and took it back for a second and gave it back. Just topped my coolant and said I'm good to go..... THIS MORNING ! it started , I pulled out of the drive way and barely accelerated it rolled, then the car wouldn't accelerate at all . I was slamming on the pedal .... no check engine light or anything ... I have a video but it won't allow me to upload .. I had to push it back to the house...... ((The battery cost me $180 and I had a warranty on it from Chevrolet Arrowhead when purchased August 2016 but for some odd money hungry reason Chevrot Midway told me it showed In their work order system that I hadn't had a battery replacement in over 2 years so Midway told me I had no battery and got me for my $$. they declined me a refund upon showing receipt days later, stating " you should've showed it at the time of purchase" if I would've known to, I could've pulled it out of my files in my glove box. ))

I'm not sure how to reply to people ...


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I HAVE A 2013 CHEVY CRUZE base model if that helps - ONLY ONE OWNER , me - 85 k , well maintained-
I'm not sure how to reply to people ...

If you click on "Reply With Quote" in the lower right corner of the post you want to reply to, a dialogue box of sorts will come up the original post (enclosed in some BB code). Just select a spot below all of that and enter your reply. Once you are satisfied with what you have typed, click on the "Post Quick Reply" which is also in the lower right corner - big red button

This way you not only reply, but also notify them that you replied.
I laughed at first when I read the title , but of course this is no joke having spent a lot of money on fixing the car , one should then not have to "push it back home" . I think this a situation where you must inform your dealer and make sure you do it level headed , I understand things like this can be extreamly frustrating .
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