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K&N not recommended by chevy!

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ive talked to chevy service department, he said they do not recommend k&n products because of the oil in it, i had one in 5 diff. vehicles and never had a problem. K&N says it will not hurt a chevy and stand behind there warranty policy. So my question is why does chevy seem so against K&N or any oil based filters, or air intake product. I also asked if they recommended air intake systems and they said they did but it was the ones made by GM , but they dont make anything for the cruze! So whats your thoughts?
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a filter is a filter. is stops debris from entering your engine. like bugs and other crap that might get sucked in. they both do the same job of filtering air, one flows better then the other. if you think the difference of filtering out microscopic stuff is really a big deal then stick with a cheap paper filter. Ive run intakes with kn, or kn style filters for over ten years on every single vehicle Ive owned and never once have a i had a issue at all. it a matter of preference thats it. been talked about on boards as long as Ive been online
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