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K&N not recommended by chevy!

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ive talked to chevy service department, he said they do not recommend k&n products because of the oil in it, i had one in 5 diff. vehicles and never had a problem. K&N says it will not hurt a chevy and stand behind there warranty policy. So my question is why does chevy seem so against K&N or any oil based filters, or air intake product. I also asked if they recommended air intake systems and they said they did but it was the ones made by GM , but they dont make anything for the cruze! So whats your thoughts?
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Thanks! Dealers cannot void your warranty for aftermarket parts.
LOL those "studies" are a joke... K&N filters BETTER than stock. If it was even equal to stock, and still flowed better, that is ALL you need/want.
1 - 3 of 71 Posts
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