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K&N not recommended by chevy!

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ive talked to chevy service department, he said they do not recommend k&n products because of the oil in it, i had one in 5 diff. vehicles and never had a problem. K&N says it will not hurt a chevy and stand behind there warranty policy. So my question is why does chevy seem so against K&N or any oil based filters, or air intake product. I also asked if they recommended air intake systems and they said they did but it was the ones made by GM , but they dont make anything for the cruze! So whats your thoughts?
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i had one in 5 diff. vehicles and never had a problem.
1. Of course Chevy would not recommend the K&N product. They want you to purchase a GM replacement filter.
2. I too have had a K&N drop in filter in multiple cars. My '92 Saturn SC is still running with no engine problems and it has had a K&N air filter installed since the first year. Oil consumption is what it was when it was new. My '97 Civic has had a K&N drop in filter installed since I purchased it. It uses a quart of oil in 5,000 miles and the oil and oil filter gets changed every 10,000 miles. My '03 Mazda Protege5 has also had one since new. It uses no oil between 10,000 mile oil changes. None of these engines have had any MAF issues, nor any engine issues at all. I guess these cars are just burning up all the debris that flows past the air filter.

If GM tells you in writing the K&N will void the warranty, then I might not put one in a Cruze. Otherwise, I'd put one in my Cruze.
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