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Key Fob Programming

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Hello all,

I bought a 2013 Cruze ECO from the auction and I had to change the driver side doors. In order for me to use the key to unlock (manually/remotely), do I have to reprogram the key fob? The new doors aren't on the car yet, so I don't know if it will work without any reprogramming. Will that affect anything (passenger side doors/etc.)? Thank you!
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Did you rekey the lock cylinders of the new doors to the hard key?

There's a youtube video on keying this cylinder. It's from the manufacturer of the cylinder, and doesn't reference cruze. Try googling GM lock cylinder on the tube.

The machine that is used to cut the key blanks is very expensive, like close to $10,000. Many GM shops actually order keys with the blanks already cut rather than invest in these machines. The key blank is actually attached to the key hinge with what I believe is a small roll pin.

That was an interesting video on repairing GM flip blade keys. The FOBS themselves can be programmed to the car without a scan tool. I don't remember the exact procedure.
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