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The keyless entry on the driver's side and the trunk lock have intermittently stopped working. The passenger side seems okay. I could not get in my car this morning or open the trunk unless I hit the unlock button on my key fob. I initially thought it was an issue with the FOB so, I used my spare one. Same issues.

The car seemed to start okay this morning, but when I got to work I couldn't shut the car off! The screen was saying "No Remote Detected, Press Brake to Start", and then the car just randomly shut off on its own. I had trouble starting it up again and shutting it off, but it finally went off.

My car is a 2015 Chevrolet Cruze LTZ and it only has 14,200+ miles on it! HELP.

P.S. It's also been having a rough idle when the AC is on. I know this is an entirely separate issue, but this car is a POS and I feel that I bought a lemon. Car has had issues in the past.
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