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2014 LT program car, Pull Me Over Red, 1.4T Auto
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I second the battery switch as ChevyGuy suggested .

As for the trunk lock issue, assuming the rear button does not work for you, buy one of these
Rear Back license plate light with Trunk switch button For Chevrolet Cruze 2009-2014 and then read this: How-To: Replace Trunk Switch.

There is also a way to create a interior unlock for the trunk using a relay, as I have one, but I was not the installer so I do not have the specifics.

I have just re-read you initial post and am confused.

I have to hit unlock to get in my car all the time. Is there something I missed? Are you talking about keyless starting - push button start and / or remote unlock - keyless entry?

:moved: to Gen I Audio & Electronics .
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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