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Set of Klearz side markers for sale. They are black housing, medium smoke lens. Just enough light gets through to let them reflect back a light hitting them to make the car legal, but very dark so when you have no light on it, for all intents and purposes they are black.

Right hand side housing has the clip broken off and missing. I took them off at night when it was cold while trading in my car and the clip broke and flew into the engine bay somewhere. Never to be seen again. I guess you will have to use the clip from your stocker or make it work another way.

Were on the car for less than 1000km, I ordered them on Oct 10,2014 and took them off Oct 30th. I'll include original receipt, packing and 2x 1-SMD white 194s for them. Other than the clip broken, no leaking, gouges or anything and lens is is great shape.

Final sale. $50 shipped. Please don't lowball me $30. It's gonna cost me $15-$20 to ship them and I have probably already spent too much time posting them for the $30~ or so after I drop them off to ship them. For less I'll just chuck em in the recycle bin. I'll throw them in Free if you buy the LTZ RS suspension I have for sale. Thread here:



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