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I have the 2013 Korean model Cruze with the facelift, and I am having difficulty finding a rear diffuser that fits
The area for the insert on the bumper is definitely longer than the american and RS versions..about 56 inches at its longest

here are some pics of my model cruze:
IMG_20160412_164756.jpg IMG_20160412_164832.jpg IMG_20160412_164925.jpg IMG_20160412_164931.jpg IMG_20160412_164939.jpg IMG_20160412_173104.jpg IMG_20160412_173220.jpg

I have identified these two on ebay from Korea, but the sellers are unable to confirm fit
any assistance will be greatly appreciated

Rear Bumper Diffuser Dual Muffler Design Matt Black for Chevrolet 2013 14 Cruze | eBay

Two Tone Painting Rear Diffuser for Chevy Holden Cruze 2013 2015 | eBay

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