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Ksport Coilovers

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Making some progress on the cruze. Currently have the winter tires on so don't judge the rally look:th_thumbsdownsm:. Fronts still have 30 threads or so, but the rear is maxed out with both locking rings removed on each side. Shock wont adjust anymore to keep tension on the rear springs. Over all im happy with the look. Can't wait until spring so I can throw the wheels on and dial in everything.

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Appreciate it! Not set on what wheels I want, but im looking into these after the photoshop my buddy did. Not set on what color yet.

This is my old pride and joy before I sold it in july. so im hoping I can kinda get the cruze to compare

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I like those wheels (but FWIW, I also like your "rally look" hah)
I can never decide if I like the multispoke like those, or like a thick 5 or 6 spoke on these cars
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