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Lacetti 5 (chevrolet cruze 2011) 6 speed gearbox

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Hello everybody, I have chevrolet cruze 1.8 2011 with dual (automatic+manual) gear box, which consists off six forward speeds. Last week I had problem with moving backward, then the problem again happened with the third speed, finally on last couple of days the car refuses to move neither forward or backward, although I can hear and feel that the gear box is switching between F- R- N- P, when I start the engine and the car still cold it moves a little after several minutes it refuses to move.
Here are the main three topics I want to discuss...
1- Do I have to change the whole gearbox? or the problem could be with sensor or something!!!!
and if I have to change the gearbox,
2- can I replace it with five speed gearbox? (the original is six speed)
and if the five speed gearbox is compatible and OK to replace with six speed gearbox,
3- Can I replace use automatic gearbox from older versions of Chevy Cruze 2010,2009 or Chevrolet 2005, Lacetti 2006? because older versions are cheaper and easy to find.
However, thanks in advance, any help would be appreciated.
I love this car, and I hope to get it fixed as soon as possible...
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Check fluid level. They're known to leak in several places.

Beyond that, read codes. It may be a solenoid, it may be something else.

5 speed probably won't work. 6-speed 2009/2010 might if they're the same model transmission (6T30 here).

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Welcome to the forum. Sorry you're having issues, how many miles or kms are on the car?
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Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

Good Luck, there are a few members here that may know more about interchangeability, but you can search some of the online bone-yards in your area and they should be able to tell you.
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