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Lane Departure Warning

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Hi new here.

I hoping that I can get more information here with my lane departure warning. I have a Cruze Premier RS with Driver Confidence II package. When I have the lane assist on and steering to the lane marking I get the lane keep assist gently turning the steering wheel. If I keep my hands of the wheel and the lane assist detects this I will get the notification to grab the steering wheel. What I don't get is a warning or beep from the left side or right side of the front speakers based on what side of the lane I approach. I have the vehicle setting for audible tone turned on. I have reached out to Chevy technical support to find out if this functionality has changed, but I could not get any information. In my 2015 Impala, the lane departure warning alerts me as soon as I get close to the lane marking. I have attach the PDF link below for reference.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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