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Has no one found a solution to this. Multiple people including my self had/have the same issue in the past 5 years, what is the solution? Did everyone get rid of the car or accept the fact that they have to sit in a puddle when it rains?
As I re-read this thread I see several single posts......and no one comes back with what resolved the issue. Notice the post count on those having a problem.....only one or two posts and then, nothing.

Using my own past experience, 98% of leak complaints are plugged or restricted sunroof drains and the last 2% are related to a windshield or back glass leak........on further thought, I'll modify that last 2% to include the roof mounted antenna base allowing water to track down the feed wire.

Beyond that, I don't think the forum has much to offer on this subject.


Tonight since the headliner was dry and the weather was bearable, I decided to continue on my investigation.

Prior investigations: first I started with the door seal, I dumped multiple gallons of water on the door where it seals with the car. No leak. Next I focused on the seal around the windshield even though I suspected that wasn’t the culprit. No leak. Next I focused on the black strip that runs the full length of the roof between the sunroof and the door. I wasn’t aware of how the the strip attached to the roof so I did not know if it was even possible that this could leak. No leak. Next I focused on the sunroof, I dumped multiple gallons of water on the sunroof (obviously in the closed position). After about 3 gallons of water I started to notice a water spot on the headliner. Now I knew it was something to do with the sunroof. I will post pictures of where the water spot started.

Today’s investigation: As seen in my previous post, I already tested out the drain tubes before I took it to the dealer so I figured I would not get any results by pouring water in the drain tubes. I attached a small tube to the end of a funnel so I could pour water directly down the drain tube. After about a half gallon of water, no leak. Next I directed the tube to the trough that catches the water and leads it to the drain tube. I poured the water right around where the hole is that goes to the drain tube. After half of a bottle of water I sat in the drivers seat and waited for about 10 seconds and BAM the water spot started appearing on the headliner.

Now that I’ve narrowed it down to the trough, I suspect there is a crack of sorts that the water is finding its way through. I may start taking some things apart to be able to see more of this trough.

This may not be the problem for everyone in this thread but it is definitely something to put on the checklist of things to investigate. I will update when I know more. This is a relief because I feel like I am finally getting somewhere!
Akiss47 - I've been experiencing a leak for some time at the A-Pillar / headliner seam. If I park level or nose down I get the leak, but if I face uphill there's no leak. So I narrowed it down to the front half of the sunroof. Although parking in a garage or facing up a hill "solves" the issue, I was not satisfied with that since I'm not always lucky enough to find such parking.

So tonight, after reading multiple threads and the headliner removal thread, I pulled part of the headliner down at the passenger side to investigate myself. After pouring a lot of water all over (i.e. sunroof, door seal, trim between doors and sunroof, windshield seal) and trying different things (including blocking the drain holes and letting water stand in the tray) I was able to visually confirm a leaking drain tube. Although it is connected and MOST of the water flows freely down the tube and out near the wheel, SOME is seeping at the tube / tray connection. It's a slow leak which is why it takes a while to appear. I noted while the headliner was down at the corner, the water had a tendency to travel to the map light / front edge of the headliner. This weekend I am going to seal / reconnect the drain tubes to ensure that they don't leak again. Hope this helps!
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