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LEAKY ROOF! Hey I know it's been 3 years since this conversation, but we bought my daughter a used 2014 Cruze, NO sunroof. It has 40,000km so still under warranty. Alberta is very dry so it was fine for the first few months and then we had lots of rain this weekend and her roof leaked and leaked and leaked. There is staining so this isn't the first time but this is definitely the worst. And it was dripping from everywhere on the roof including in the middle over the console, all along the windshield and the worst was along the driver's side and passenger side doors. I'm wondering if the trim that runs between the roof and doors is not airtight and the water is seeping under it and into the roof, then through the headliner/ceiling. There's an odour so I think it may have happened before (whether previous owner knew or not) and now all material in the headliner has broken down. Ironically all the electrical is still working in the visors, interior lighting, etc.

Dealership is not open today but I sent photos and an email with a note that we will be there in the morning, assuming the rain lets up. Is there any known recall or issues with leaky roofs in the Cruze????
1 - 1 of 62 Posts