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New here, been looking around for about a month as thats how long Ive had my 14 Cruze RS. Positively love this car and Ive blasted a Subaru STI down the Autobahn at 160+ MPH. Would have positively loved the opportunity to run my Cruze flat out like that, although I dont think would push past a hundred often, the speed I used to drive consistantly in a 95 Dodge Caravan 4 cyl-that was flat on the floor with a tail wind and two people pushing.
So I brought my car to the dealer near my wifes job. Stupid stuff like broken vanity mirror cover and cup holder missing a "finger". Even fixed the rubber gasket between the shifter and chrome bezel which wasn't coverved for free. Amazing experience (except I now know how much I hate the new cruze-I thought it was an econobox, YMMV).

Heres where the fun ends-
Its been a rainy week, even by Florida standards. Of course this means I now have a water stained headliner. Tried the dealer down the street as wife is home sick. Right off the bat I'm told there may be a $130 charge to diagnose it if it turns out the drains are clogged. That would be considered maintenance and I can only assume that would only be the beginning as I think it could be assumed that airbags, headliners et. al., hopefully nothing below the roof line and not below the dash-pillar line. I fail to understand how this could become a cash deal, or how I have to be prepared for it to be before it can be looked at. Extremely sharp contrast to last weeks experience with the other dealer.

I contacted Chevrolet customer assistance. Pretty much called the offending dealer then tried to justify the position they were told. Even went as far as to say that an incline can cause this. Yes it does happen when the car is on a slight nose down incline. However it isn't like the sun heating the car up like the call center said and should not depend on the angle in which I park. If terrain is an issue on the west coast of Florida 3 miles from the beach I hope you guys in Montana dont have a sunroof.
So i am left with a headliner recieving water damage or be *prepared* to pay up-possibly alot to fix this.
Of note-there is nothing other a very fine black dust in very limited amounts and places. This second dealer did pour water into both front drains and both ran fairly equally.

Chevy-Care to back a car that is under warranty for a water leak or should I just accept that I operated the vehicle outside of engineered specs by parking on a downhill slope by the beach or as also implied it's like the sun heats the car?
All else-I have learned so much here and now that I'm a registered user need to like all those posts. Any help-feedback including politely informing me that I need to fill out a hurt feelings report would be appreciated.
1 - 1 of 62 Posts