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Cruze has exceptionally long drain hoses, two on each side, instead of going straight down, go to the further four corners of this vehicle.

Moon roofs been around for a very long time and for some strange reason I had to have one in three different vehicles for a span of twenty years, but the only time I actually opened the darn thing was when driving in town on a cool night. Sure couldn't open it on the highway with kids in the rear seat.

All have been a shunt system, rain water pours in like crazy and has to go down those drains, and if caught in a wham blaster of a thunderstorm will still leak even if the drains are clear because the water is coming in faster than it can leave.

Plus being tall and losing around 2" of headroom, was always banging my head when hitting a bump, but I think that finally knocked some sense into me. When I ordered my Cruze, dealer said he would knock off a hundred and could get one for 800 bucks extra. Said, no thank you.
1 - 1 of 62 Posts