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Akiss47 - I've been experiencing a leak for some time at the A-Pillar / headliner seam. If I park level or nose down I get the leak, but if I face uphill there's no leak. So I narrowed it down to the front half of the sunroof. Although parking in a garage or facing up a hill "solves" the issue, I was not satisfied with that since I'm not always lucky enough to find such parking.

So tonight, after reading multiple threads and the headliner removal thread, I pulled part of the headliner down at the passenger side to investigate myself. After pouring a lot of water all over (i.e. sunroof, door seal, trim between doors and sunroof, windshield seal) and trying different things (including blocking the drain holes and letting water stand in the tray) I was able to visually confirm a leaking drain tube. Although it is connected and MOST of the water flows freely down the tube and out near the wheel, SOME is seeping at the tube / tray connection. It's a slow leak which is why it takes a while to appear. I noted while the headliner was down at the corner, the water had a tendency to travel to the map light / front edge of the headliner. This weekend I am going to seal / reconnect the drain tubes to ensure that they don't leak again. Hope this helps!
I have had mine leak a couple times as well. I only know because there was a stain on the headliner. I figured it was the drain tubes. I checked them and they look fine. I keep the sunroof very clean, so I wasn't concerned about it being plugged. I poured water in the drain pan and didn't see any leaks. It just pours out the bottom of the car. Mine must be seeping a little, but not bad. Might need to add something to make them seal better.

BTW, I have some Turtle Wax Power Out carpet and mat cleaner. I sprayed a little of the foam on the headliner and carefully wiped it off with a microfiber towel, and the stain was gone.

Let us know if you get yours fixed.
1 - 1 of 62 Posts