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Leaking AT fluid from cooler lines

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I think I may have a leak from one of th AT cooler lines of my 1.8.

The fluid doesn't smell like cooler and it's all over these fittings right above where you can see I collecting all over the top of the lower engine bay cover and frame. Has anyone had an issue with a leak here? Also with this not being a dipstick type setup, is the cruze equipped with anything that that warns when the AT fluid has gotten too low? Or am I just screwed she before I know It I'll have burns clutch disc etc? Shifting at this point still seems normal.
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Mine appears the same way, probably going to address it when I get the fluid changed this spring. Mines also leaking at the other end of that hose. Agree since no easy way to know how much you lost, better to get it fixed.

Oh and to show how worthless GM 27point inspection is during an oil change I have had mine in twice and no one has mentioned it. Kinda want to wait until after my next oil change to test them again.

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How many miles do you have on your cruze? That's crazy. You'd think they would see that. Of course that's why I love cleaning my engine bay and keeping it clean
gecause this is how I spot everything. I know mine just started within the last 48 hours because it wasn't prensent during the last cleaning which was a few days ago
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