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Leaking from Thermostat housing

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I have a 2014 Chevy Cruze 1.8, and I had the thermostat housing replaced but it’s leaking all of the coolant out of the bottom of it I’m not sure what the piece it’s leaking out of is even used for. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I circled the part where the water (it started to overheat once all coolant leaked out so I put distilled water in & I think that’s the bottom of how the thermo is installed idk) is clearing coming out of
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I just changed out my thermostat housing on my 2011. That port was not used on my unit and it had a plug in it. I don't know what is used for.
by the photos looks like there is a screw in plug at the bottom, either way the thermostat is go to have to come off to get too it.
If you paid for them to fix the leak and the leak is not fixed then take it back and get them to do the job right.
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I replaced my neighbors with the upgraded aluminum housing and had nothing but bad luck. I replaced it twice and both leaked at different places. One was at plug and other at the sensor. Third time I went with acdelco plastic housing and no more leaks. These engines really don't like aftermarket parts for some reason.
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