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My daughter lost the key fob for our 2013 Cruze (LS w/1.8). I was able to purchase a new fob with uncut key off of ebay for about 11 dollars including shipping. Seller was keylessking .

Programming the car for the new fob was super easy - I took it to my local locksmith, A-1 Lock in Plano, and let him do it :)

Seriously, I paid about 41 bucks for him to cut the key, and it took him 2 minutes to program it into the car. All total, I'm out ~52 dollars, which seems comparable to some of the better pricing I've seen.

The one thing I wanted to ask about was the programming procedure. My owner's manual instructs me to insert the known good key into the slot by the shifter, then put the new key in the door.

But the procedure I witnessed did neither of those. Instead, after putting the old key in the ignition and starting the car and running it briefly, the locksmith turned if off and put the new key in, then took it out after an icon on the dash came on, or went out - not sure which - that's where I missed out on some of the details.

What I'm hoping to find out, is what those details are. And, why wasn't this in my manual? I know that may be rhetorical, but I'm curious why the seemingly much simpler procedure wasn't documented, if anyone knows.

What have others experienced with learning new key fobs? Thanks.

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