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Leasing guide for 2016 Cruze LIMITED

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So I've recently leased a couple of '16 Cruze Limiteds that I feel were pretty good deals, so I wanted to share with the rest of the community. The current lease deal (24 months/10k miles a year) isn't a unicorn....if you have a current, non-GM lease, you should be able to lease a '16 Cruze Ltd for less than $100/month, 0 down.

GM is currently offering $3,455 in lease cash (basically factory rebate for leases) on '16 Cruzes. That is a nationwide offer. There is also a $1,500 lease conquest incentive being offered as well (if you have a current, non-GM lease, you qualify). Don't lease, but own a non-GM vehicle? Then you qualify for a $1,000 conquest offer instead.

If you are a farm bureau member (anyone can join btw, not just farmers), you can receive an extra $500 rebate that you can combine with other private offers, such as the lease conquest one mentioned above. Only catch is you have to be a member for at least 30 days, and the farm bureau rebate is not applicable in some states (handful of states in the south). FYI, it cost me $60 for a 1 year member ship in MD

There may be other offers dealers may be advertising (bonus tags, consumer cash, etc), but those are only for purchases, not leases.

So assuming you have a non-GM lease and are a member of your state's farm bureau, you can qualify for $5,455 in rebates on a lease. $3,455 GM lease cash + $1,500 lease conquest + $500 farm bureau = $5,455

Next part is the get the dealer to discount the price of the Cruze ~10% off MSRP BEFORE all rebates. That is the trickier part. Some dealers may not budge much from MSRP. Reaching out to multiple dealerships may be required, and even then you may not have luck finding one that will agree to a 10% discount pre-rebates. But they are out there!

Here are the details of the lease I just completed:

2016 Cruze Limited 1LT w/tech package (MSRP $21,620)
- 24 months/10k miles a year
- Pre-rebate sale price: $18,921
- $4,955 in rebates (I did not qualify for the farm bureau rebate)
- 62% residual (residual/buyout price $13,404)
- Money factor: .00095 (money factor is .00040, but if you tell them to WAIVE the $595 lease acquisition fee, it gets bumped up to .00095, which shaves the monthly payment ~$10)
- $599 in doc/tag fees
- $1136 in sales tax (Maryland charges FULL tax on a lease...most states only tax the monthly payment)
- Final verdict: $124.08/month, 0 down, 1st payment waived by GM

If you live in a state that taxes only the month payment, your monthly should be $30-35 less than what I am paying. Also, the $500 farm bureau rebate would knock off another $20-something, so final monthly would be somewhere around $67/month.
<$100 a month for a brand new car with 2 years of maintenance included....can't beat that! :go:

The key is to get the dealer to discount the Cruze at least 10% before incentives (and qualify for the lease conquest rebate). If you can get them to do that, a 0 down, sub-$100 lease is perfectly possible.

edit: whoops, nevermind on the $1k conquest cash. Seems that one expired.
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This would only work for me as a second vehicle. I'm currently putting on miles at a rate of 22K per year haha. That is an amazing deal though!
What's the mileage limit on that sub $100 lease?
What's the mileage limit on that sub $100 lease?
10k in the quote I provided. If you want 12k or 15k miles per year, the monthly would probably be up to $10/month more (~$20-25 more for 15k miles).
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