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LED Fogs

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I just picked up my new LED's for my foggies

I will install them later and post pics

2X Mars Performance Torch Projector LED SMD White FOG Light Bulbs Holden Cruze | eBay
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They look like they're nice and "white" as far as looks, but you'll have to let us know how well they actually work/shine light down the road with the headlights off. I put some LED fog bulbs in my Escalade, and they look really nice as far as matching the light color of the headlights, but they are not overly bright as far as lighting up the road at night with the headlights off. I could probably find some by now that are brighter/light up the road better, but I'm good for now.

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These bulbs and pretty much every single LED bulb on the market are for pure asthetics only. They will not improve nor equal the beam pattern of the stock halogens.

The ONLY led bulb on the market capable of that task is the H11 Philips Xtreme Ultinon LED fog. It won't be brighter than halogens but the beam pattern will be correct and you will have the nice white color we all seek. Expect to pay at least $150.00 a pair.

You need to be sure that you are not blinding other drivers at night with glare from your led fogs. That would be bad.
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