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Led fogs

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Has anyone used rigid duallys or something similar in place of he stock fog housings? I know it's prob illegal but I know a ton of people who have done it on trucksp, they even make adapter brackets and harness for the super dutys so it's a bolt on... Anyway their bright as ****. Just an idea I had. Don't have access to a pair at the moment to measure and see if they'd fit in there or not

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have a link for me to follow? i cant find it on there website?

but i did find this which it might fit? Rigid Industries LED Lighting | LED Lights, Offroad, Marine, Truck
I am doing this install in like a month
mr overkill, your doing dualleys ? if so where are you mounting them?

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I'm looking at doing a 18" LED bar behind the grill.
the light bar would work how ever it's def illegal to run on the road.... duallys are too but when mounted in place of factory dogs people get away with it on trucks. we definitely don't get away with light bars on trucks in pa

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I would imagine these lights would not be used when there is other traffic around right? The spot and flood beams would blind people at night. Is this needed for lighting up back roads and such? If so there are plenty of other cheaper alternatives in a 90mm round size that could be retrofitted in the stock fog housing opening. Too much work to fit that bulky squarish housing.

If you actually want a TRUE fog light you could check out the Esuse LED Fog light. It uses 3 high power Philips Luxeon T chips behind a projector lense. And the beam is a super WIDE beam and focused on the road and not peoples eyes. :)

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I am going to run the rigid led lights. Make some hd brackets and open up the covers to fit them. I'm ordering the gm kit tomorrow so that will be in
def post pictures of the install if you get it done before me Id like to see how it turns out and how hard they are to mount

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I will. Just trying to decide on the driving (3065 lumens) or the spot (1500 lumens)
are you doing d2's? I haven't seen normal ones listed as "driving" I've been looking for them all I've found is spot and flood and the d2's are rather expensive at $360 a pair so I wanst really considering them

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ok I ordered the rigid lights (spots) should have it in a few days
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