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LED/HID overkill? Maybe....but oh well!!

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Installed 6 small universal LEDs in the lower grill today! I didn't realize how over the top the front end would look once it got dark is what it is! Lol it took too long to install to just take them out now! It's def not hard to see when it's dark that's for sure and plus I think they are growing on me! What do you guys thinking? Thanks


Yah or Nah!?

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Where when and how would you be able to draw that conclusion from ?

Have you seen the mercedes with the 3 point front star . A new Ford Mustang has plenty of front lights also ..shoot I am building a lighted Pony for a few guys that have presented interest ..
Now have you there maybe a few Jurisdictions that have laws upon the books for such displays . As long as your not an A Hole around town most cops are cool with IT ............
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