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Hey everyone! I was just looking at this LEDGLOW interior million color light kit, with sound activation. I was just wondering if anyone could explain to me step-by-step how to do this, and if it is a difficult task, I have never wired anything before, especially in a car, the closest electrical work I've done in my car is a full LED interior dome/map light swap out. Last but not least which fuse i need, which parts etc. Anyways, I don't even really know where to begin so help would be much appreciated! :)

Thanks, Everyone!

Expandable Million Color SMD Interior Light Kit

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I would be happy to draw some schematics and give you pointers and whatnot but first off, what are you trying to accomplish?

Do you want/need them to change colors? Do you want/need the remote for them or would a switch somewhere work? Do you want them on just with your control and/or triggered by opening doors?
The wiring is plain stupid, you'll find all your time is taken by installing everything,but before you start, how do you wish to use them? Welcome lights or just ambient driving lights?

Edit: Wait wtf just saw the price, $100 is just not worth it, this is what I bought:

LEDwholesalers 16.4ft RGB Color Changing Kit with LED Flexible Strip, Controller with 44-button Remote and Power Supply, 2034RGB+3315+3215 -
AGT (5 Pack) 30/40 AMP Relay Harness Spdt 12V Bosch Style (40AMP-HRNS) : : Automotive : JACKYLED RGB Extension Cable Line 4 Color 10m for LED Strip RGB 5050 3528 Cord 4pin : Electrical Cables : Home Improvement

You get a complete RGB LED strip, and it's 16ft so you can do whatever you want with them, you aren't limited to 4, I installed them in all 4 footwells and in the reservoir area of the front doors (where the cup holders are), and I also installed 2 4ft in the trunk to get white light, and I STILL have leftover strip, wiring will be a little more complicated, but it'll be worth it.

I also installed them for welcome lights and with the headlights with the help of a relay, with only 1 use you might not need it.
that is way overpriced.
i got mine here for $35 4pc. Multi-Color 7 Color LED Interior Underdash Lighting Kit and they've worked without a hitch since feb 2013.
granted, they are inflexible and have permanent wires, the exact ones you linked are here for $47 6pc Million Color Flexible Under Dash Interior Lighting Kit).
you'll also need one of these to jump it off of a fuse (front or back cig lighter fuse are best because they go off and on with the car automatically) Bussmann (BP/HHH-RP) ATM Mini Circuit Converter and these fuses Littelfuse MIN4 Fuse (or equivalent 'atm' size fuse at around 4 amps).
i also just used little zipties to install them Cables to Go 43036 Cable Ties 4-inch - 100 Pack (Black).
you can either use a terminal and wire crimp like the one i used Neiko 175 Pieces Solderless Wire Terminal & Connection with Wire Stripper Crimper Tool to crimp the ground wire to a terminal and attach it to a grounded point on the car to complete the circuit, or just strip the wire a few inches where you can wrap it under a grounded screw and tighten it down to where it won't come out (i used a round terminal behind a grounded screw right on the other side of the little fuse box cubby in my setup so i wouldn't have to worry about anything coming loose).
you'll also need a crimp (or a pair of pliers) to crimp the positive wire to the add a fuse.
btw, the easiest way to find a ground point is to hook up the positive to the add a fuse and then install it, then turn on the power and poke around with the ground at screws till the tubes light up (dont worry you won't get shocked), then unscrew the screw and install the wire however you want to.

i installed all of them into the front footwells, one pair under the dash and one pair under the seat facing towards your feet.
it makes a cool effect because it lights up the whole footwell and all of your feet without shadows anywhere.
check out my thread with pics here Complete LED Changeover.

as for installation, it's not that hard or wiring intensive, just time consuming.
i did all of mine in less than an afternoon.
the hardest part was working around the fact that my tubes are permanently attached so i had to pull off the panels and run the tubes through the center console so there weren't wires everywhere.
i wedged the control box under the dash somewhere so its out of sight but i can still reach it if i wanna play with it.
if you get the one with the remote you can probably just leave it inside the center console trim where the a/c pipes are (not touching them of course because the heater will melt the plastic).
overall i am extremely happy with the results and anyone who steps in my car for the first time, especially at night, compliments me on them and likes the way they look.

I want them to have a manual switch, but also come on when the car battery is started (open door) but i want them to not shut off with the dome lights, but stay on while driving, is this possible?

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Ok I drew up some circuits for you. These are for basic strip LEDs, not the system of colors with remote and stuff you linked us to. A roll of these 1 color LEDs are about $12 on amazon.

so if this is the route you want to go here are your options,
also I'm trying to show multiple led strips in parallel, don't let it look confusing

option 1A
what daktah mentioned above, LEDs are controlled by car

Option 1B
same as 1A but you can turn them on and off with the switch, car must be on for LEDs to work

option 2
leds will turn on any time you like without key on, will only turn on when you flip the switch

option 3
same as option 2 but we add a relay in parallel controlled by the dome light

adding control triggered by doors opening is possible but significantly more involved (door panel removal and running wires through the door looms)

let me know if you want to take one of these routes and the circuits can easily be modified to your liking
You Kinda lost me, i love the idea of them going on and off with the car, but can their also be a manual switch?

by the way thank you so much for the help, the Cruze community is so amazing :)

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I think you are referring to option 1B... They only will have power when the car is on through the ACC outlet but you can turn them on and off manually as long as the car is on. If the car is off then the lights are off and the switch does nothing.
So how exactly do i go about wiring this? and what will i need?
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