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that is way overpriced.

as for installation, it's not that hard or wiring intensive, just time consuming.
i did all of mine in less than an afternoon.
the hardest part was working around the fact that my tubes are permanently attached so i had to pull off the panels and run the tubes through the center console so there weren't wires everywhere.
i wedged the control box under the dash somewhere so its out of sight but i can still reach it if i wanna play with it.
if you get the one with the remote you can probably just leave it inside the center console trim where the a/c pipes are (not touching them of course because the heater will melt the plastic).
overall i am extremely happy with the results and anyone who steps in my car for the first time, especially at night, compliments me on them and likes the way they look.
I'm working on adding heated seats, and I've posted part of the How To, but I need help with power wires in the console. How did you run from the fuze box near the drivers left knee to the center console with wiring?

Did you go up into the kickpanel, and remove the plastic around the light switch and run in there? Or did you go back to the firewall and across somehow? That seems kind of risky with the intermediate steering shaft so close in that area.

I see there's a ground in the console, and I plan to use that.

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