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license plate holder cracking

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Lately, the weather here has been crazy, hot one day, wet the next, cool, cold, hot, and so on. This morning I noticed a crack on my license plate holder in the front of the car. Can it be fixed?
I have a 2011 cruze 2LT RS
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Did your cars come with black or painted front license plate holders? I noticed I paid an extra $15 for it on my invoice, but it looks like a generic black holder.
mine is black plastic.
Definitely warranty especially if they charged you for it on top.
I actually wouldn't mind mine cracking. Then I can plug up the holes on the front and have a regular bumper. I'd rather have the plate on my dash than on the front, I just think it makes the car look a little funky.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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