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Hey all,

tl;dr: I suspect at least one bad/collapsed lifter causing engine problems (P0324, misfires, low power, shuddering, even stalling). Is this typically a root cause or a symptom? For a $500+ job plus labor, and much of the work done to fix/replace a maybe-damaged head anyway, I don't want to waste time/money or keep band-aiding parts on top of a cursed engine. Any suggestions on what I should do here?

In short - I've had an on and off problem with my 2013 Cruze 1.4T (66K miles) over the past year or so with loud intermittent ticking. Got really bad over the past few weeks, where cylinder 4 basically wasn't working at all. Checked injectors, replaced spark plugs/ignition coil with no change - so went to a compression test. Cylinder 4 had NO compression - 1-3 had ~190psi. Pulled the valve cover off and did a leakdown test w/Cyl 4 at TDC, pointed to an intake problem with a bunch of air coming out of the intake sensor hole I pulled out as well as cylinder 2's spark plug hole (other cylinders seemed fine - not surprising given compression test, just wanted to make sure my methods were right).

I think the problem is one or more collapsed lifters. When I look at the intake side of cylinder 4 and cranked the engine by hand, it didn't seem like the rocker arm was getting "engaged" at all regardless of position, it just kind of floated around. Rocker also seemed pretty loose. There also appears to be some wear on the lobe of the camshaft of the suspect lifter, which seemed pretty weird to me...
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As a possibly bad experiment (not totally sure what I am doing obviously - maybe this is how it's supposed to go w/o oil pressure?), I used a screwdriver to try to re-engage the rocker on the lifter, which SEEMED to work AND restored compression to Cylinder 4 for testing purposes - back to 190psi, woohoo! However, there was a "clacking" noise when I turned the engine over by hand, when I did the compression test, and when I fired the car up after replacing the valve cover, the problem returned after some more clacking that went away - I suspect my "fix" didn't do much.

It looks like at least one rocker put a gash in the cylinder head too, much like: Need advice - badly worn valve stem tip and thrown rocker arm

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The previous "saga" is here - if you don't feel like reading the whole thing, the interesting parts are:

Thanks for reading and any advice anyone's willing to provide. This thing has been a nightmare...


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