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I am so happy to finally find someone else with this issue.

It started almost a year ago, I got a loud ticking and my car was waaay down on power. It would come and go, totally intermittent, so hard to get it to the shop and not seem crazy when it’s like this.

I noticed now that I’ve had two oil changes that the problem just disappears for a while but will eventually come back. Until I change the oil again.

I just got home from a trip, Toronto to Nova Scotia.

The car was great the drive there and around NS. On the last day as I was heading to visit a friend I was climbing a big hill. I don’t usually have to downshift but all of a sudden my cars power just like cut in half. I had to downshift to third to make it the rest of the way.

This time the issue seems worse. If I try to climb the rpm through second, it basically dies around 4500. Just doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere.

I am really hoping I don’t have to replace the whole motor. But I definitely have a better idea of what it is for my mechanic!
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