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Light knob OFF, headlight ON

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Hi friends. I've an issue with my Chevy Cruze.
I bought a second hand car and the lights ON are anoying for me.
I turn the knob all to the left to the OFF position and the system automatically turns ON the light (only the headlights, not the interior lights). My knob doesn't have the OFF-AUTO-ON-LOW BEAM; my cas has the OFF-ON-LOW BEAM.
When I turn the car with all the light OFF instantally turn ON the lights. When I drive y prefere to turn ON the knob to 1 position just to drive with less light during the day, but with this option the interior lights turn on too. I think it a configuration as if DRL due that my car has not DRL from the factory.
I'm from Argentina and perhaps the car in configured with this option from USA or some other country.
Any one of you have a solution fot this or any idea about how to drive with this light on?

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When I had the Sonata and moderated the Hyundai Forum, we saw hundreds of posts asking how to install daytime running lights. Now all we see is people asking how to disable DRL's. Your CRUZE seems to be operating as designed and this adds an extra layer of safety although you claim its not an installed option on your car. What model year & trim is your CRUZE and where was it built?
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Hi. I prefere LED DRL as a little accesory and not to be with the normals lights ON all the day.
The Cruze is from Korea, it's a Hatckback 2013.
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