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Not sure if I would call these fog lamps, side lighting on the Cruze is the worst vehicle I have ever owned, can't see when driving around corners, and almost hit a pedestrian.

Found an OE kit on ebay for 130 bucks, but feel Chevy should offer these for free and had practically just as much parts leftover than what I added. Really a safety issue with this car.

Only thing the OE switch was missing was the fog lamp contact block, replaced with a piece of plastic so you couldn't press it, oh, and the fog lamp icon. Bezels are vacuum formed, new ones, a little different shape with holes in them. From years of costing components, plastic fog lamps were at most a buck and a half addition. Cable harness, short with a couple of wires in it.

One concern I did have is that Chevy changed the firmware, so I made darn sure my Cruze still had the software, otherwiise would have to pay a dealer an extra hundred bucks to have them programmed.

Can't think of a more rotten dirty trick, still tees me off. In particular with a vehicle, you are blind until you add them.

Brain hurts me why they are switched off when the brights are kicked in, terrible to be born with a logical mind. But with constant oncoming traffic or interstate driving, rarely use the brights. And can't see deer on the side of the road.

But with all this liability crap we have today, elected to stay stock. Least with dims, have 100 watts per side, 65 watts ain't enough.

Fog lamps are not a luxury item, but a safety item, wouldn't mind joining a class action suit against GM. Or maybe I should start one.
I miss my Malibu having separate low and high beam bulbs and when the highs were turned on the lows stayed on (and it's like that from the factory) talk about BRIGHT. Never missed a thing on or off the road when the highs were on in that car....this car however if it's outside of the ditch, you're probably not gonna see it.
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