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Long Distance "Cruze"ing - a 1287 mile roadtrip

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As promised previously on the MPG thread, I'm posting my central MA to central FL trip impressions. Since it has a lot more to do with comfort and how well the car did than just mpg's, I've posted it here. First the numbers:

Total mileage covered: 1287.0 (1296.9 per the Garmin 265WT GPS)
Time on road time: 19 hours 21 minutes
Total trip time (including hotel and rest breaks): 36 hours
Gallons used: 37.876
Overall MPG: 33.98
Best MPG tank: 35.11 (MA, CT, NY, NJ with speed limits of 55-65 mph)
Worst MPG tank: 32.54 (70 mph speed limit, AC on in FL and GA)

I have a 2LT with the RS package. The leather power seats were extremely comfortable, especially on the first leg where we were in the car for 15.5 hours with just three short gas breaks, a half hour breakfast break, and an hour power nap in a VA rest area. The driver seat was very comfortable for the power nap as it was almost flat when reclined and the steering wheel didn't get in the way of a sideways sleep position.

Leg room was ample for my 6'5" frame and the car handled great on the fast interstates south of DC and the constant merges encountered in CT, NY, and NJ. The car was quiet and the XM and iPod plug-in paid dividends, although I can tell you exactly how they program the Pulse channel on XM after hearing it repeat so often.

I thought the highway mileage would be better on the longer runs, but the auto transmission gearing and axle ratio are obviously not perfect for that maximum mileage as evidenced by this trip which was at the speed limit for all of the 70 mph speed limit stretches and close to it in the northeast except in CT where it was posted 55, but 65 was the minimum to not be run off the road. I can see why the 2012 has some changes in this area to improve highway mileage.

By comparison, I made this trip four times from 2005 to 2007 in a 2005 Malibu LS with the 3.5L V6 and got an average mpg consistent with the Cruze's 32.5 mpg and had a best average of over 37 mpg on many segments. And that was with 201 hp on tap, a four speed automatic, but slightly skinnier 65 series rubber compared to my Cruze's 60 series tires.
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yeah, not overly impressed with the fuel efficiency. I'll be taking it on a 400 mile trip this'll be intresting to see how it compares to my GA (that I had over 200hp). That got 31mpg.

Thanks for the writeup B
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