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Looking at BNR Tune questions

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Got a 15 cruze about 36 000 on her. Been a great car for me, looking at getting a tune today possibly. But what about reliability with this tune? Anyone having problems? Any advice or comments?
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Bought my Limited, new, in January as a new daily replacement from an 02' Silverado RCSB 4.8L, that I owned for years. Tuned by Jerry at 80miles on the OD. At 8000 miles now. Love it. I'm a picky mother clucker and BNR is doing well with my weekly pestering. Went from a factory rated "high 16sec 1/4 mile car" to a 15.0 flat. We're still working out the tune but they offer free updates and I'm loving every bit of it. Especially, weekly updates. On revision 4 now, and they're still fine tuning, the best they can, through emails. No complaints here.
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