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Congrats on the purchase, since the '15 was the only one you didn't mention manual on, I'm guessing it's the auto?

Here's some nerdy stuff about fuel to consider. You can skip reading it if you want.
The 1.4 turbo in the Cruze does benefit from feeding it 91+ octane. The computer has fuel maps and timing tables for premium and regular. When you run 87, especially in the summer when it's hot, the knock sensors will detect pinging, it'll retard the timing and you'll get less power and fuel mileage. If you like to get up to speed in a timely manor, you'll want to run premium fuel from a top tier gas station. You get better fuel mileage so the extra cost is negated by my calculations. If you don't mind having less response from the engine or in the winter when the air is cold and dense you can run 87 no problem.

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