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I lurk here often but dont have much to offer as far as advice, BUT I would love to get yours on my issue. Sorry for the length on this one!

I have a 2012 Cruze ECO, Manual with 78K on it. Since I purchased the car I was so happy with the gas mileage and any time I "tried" could get over 40 MPH ( or even 50MPG) per 50 miles, which was the primary reason for purchasing the case. About a year ago I noticed a small puddle , antifreeze, under my car every so often and brought it into my local dealer and they confirmed that there was an issue and replaced a bearing (sorry but I do not know the exact one and cannot find my service receipt!). All was good for a while until October when while driving home from work during rush hour, the car started to make a whining/whipping noise and lost some power. I pulled over and looked for obvious signs of breakage but found nothing. I started the car back up and started to drive. The Traction Off LED kept coming off and on but I made it home and took it into dealer the next day. They found a broken Turbo which they replaced.

After driving for a couple weeks I noticed the power and gas mileage was lacking, so I took it back in. They pretty much told me I was crazy and I needed to let the turbo "break in". A few weeks later, still poor. Took in again, still crazy. The loss of power was one thing, but my trip 1 meter was never reset from factory and that showed 37.6MPG over 70K, and trip 2, which I reset after my first return trip after Turbo replacement, read 32.1MPG over 3100 miles I know I was not crazy and it confirmed my thoughts. So, I brought it back in and drove it with the "Head" Mechanic. He said he felt that the power could be better and would look into it. He found my mass airflow sensor was slightly low and adjusted to meet spec. That did make a difference with the power, but NOT my gas mileage.

I brought it back after putting on 1200 more pure highway miles and the Trip 2 mileage MPG stayed similar to before, 32.7 which I thought was crazy since it was all highway. They went back to the fact that I am crazy and the car is fine and that I was not attributing to the fact its getting colder out (December) and the gas and air are different in the northeast (I live in NH).

Well, I got tired of arguing and have been driving it as normal. My trip 1 MPG is now down to 34.6 over 78k. 2 weeks ago while driving home I noticed that my heat was not working, but blowing cold air, shortly after the car over heated. I pulled over, checked the coolant and it was very low. I added, started car, sat for moment then drove home once it felt safe and heat was working and the temp stayed normal. I figured that maybe it just never was topped off the last time I had an issue. Since then I have noticed there are small puddles again under the car randomly and I am now topping off the coolant. So here I go again!!

Couple of things. I am not an idiot, or crazy (unless you ask my wife). I manage a support center for a very large company and understand all different types of service, good and bad. I feel as though my dealer is just not hearing me. With 78k on the car, I think I know it pretty well. I am also not saying the dealer broke anything at all, it could be possible that the entire issue was never fully diagnosed.

My questions to you all are:
Could I bring this to another Chevy dealer to service?
Would I be charged for it if it was found something was done previously / or not done which caused the issue?
Any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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Any chevy dealer can service your car and if a component is under warranty, such as the water pump, they are authorized to perform the repair.

Now, if, for example, the turbo charger, which was replaced under your powertrain warranty, has a problem, you are still OK.
Your powertrain warranty is in effect for five years or 100,000 miles, so, another turbo failure, regardless of why, is still a covered repair.

The odds are, whatever is causing your concern is likely a powertrain covered component.

All that being have a coolant leak.....get it to your next selected dealer and get that resolved....also, likely a powertrain claim, maybe another water pump.

Ask them to drive the car after repairs.....tell them your mileage loss since the turbo story as well as the reduced power.

My thoughts, based on your admittedly less than detailed turbo failure story lead me to believe the exaust side of the turbo (vanes) for whatever reason, blew apart......those pieces, if I'm right, are obstructing exaust flow at the primary catalyst inlet.

A good diagnostician would have removed the cat and shook it out inverted......any shrapnel is cause for a replacement cat.

You might consider sharing my thoughts with your selected dealer......there is a chance they have a deep thinker on board.

Keep in touch,
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