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Hello.. I just ran a compression test and it looks like cylinder 4 may have a cracked piston. Do any of you know a reputable hotrod shop in the metroplex that will touch the 2015 1.4 liter turbo?

BNR 60lbs Injectors
73# Valve Springs
E85 Conversion
Down Pipe
Titanium Spring Retainers
MRP MAF Holder
Custom Intake w/ 3" K&N Filter
BNR Wastegate Actuator
Bypass Valve Bypass
Racer X Fabrication Intake Manifold
Racer X Fabrication Fuel Rail
MSD Coil Pack
AEM High Flow Fuel Pump
Turbobay Turbo
2 Catch Cans
Ported and Polished Throttle Body
Full Gasket Matched Exhaust Ported and Polished

I need to have the block balanced and blue printed.

Thanks in advance.

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GM uses inferior steel for blocks and cranks. Cylinder bores wear perpendicular to crank axis of rotation. Higher cylinder compression pressures associated with performace mods cause greater wear. Your cylinders and crank journals may be worn out of spec. GM LUJ/LUV engines are POS anyways, so your engine may be beyond normal repair. What you should do is sell the car and get a decent ride. Write off the aftermarket part's costs as a life lesson, but if you want to have the block reconditioned, take it to Blain's Motor Supply on Scyene road. They can refer the customer to skilled builders.
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Honestly if you want to build the engine I would look for upgraded pistons and rods and maybe a crank too. Not sure how strong these engines are but they were definitely built for economy over all.
Definitely not a Honda B series or K series...

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