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Hello all. I'm a bit dumbfounded with the squeak/chirp my 2012 1.4Lt is making. I've probably put 2000 miles on with the squeak, but it has gotten slightly louder.

I took a video, although my mobile phone leaves the noise sound more muted than it is (more squeak-like in real life):

The sound is present at idle and under power. When decelerating/ coasting, the noise disappears.

Work performed:

1. Replaced serpentine belt and idler pulley, no effect
2. Started car without serpentine belt, noise is still present
3. Replaced intake manifold with the Dorman. My original manifold did have a heavy coating of oil on the inside and the check valve was missing. No change in squeak
4. Today's troubleshooting. In the video you can see me place my hand over the PCV diaphragm with no effect. I also pull the dipstick which does not stop the noise (car does run really rough, but I assume that is the loss of vacuum)

I wanted to blame the waterpump replaced a year ago, but without the serpentine belt it should be irrelevant. With the noise disappearing when I coast I assume it must be fuel, air or vacuum, but I'm not sure where to start looking next. While the Cruze still drives fine with no noticeable difference in performance I'm using my Ranger as a daily while I troubleshoot the car.

Any direction is appreciated, thanks guys!

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