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Looking for plastic door sill protectors

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Anybody know where to find such a thing for the Cruze? I don't want billet or stainless or lighted ones. Just good OEM quality matte black plastic ones.
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Amazon has many styles and exact matches for the Cruze.
Really? I don't see any of the type I'm looking for. Only the typical shiny metal or billet or lighted ones.
I got these.

They look great. The curve on the edge is not exactly the same as the Cruze, but it's not noticeable. You have to cut them yourself - both length and width. There is enough for all four doors.

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Thanks. I ordered a set to try out.
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Hope you like them. I lined mine up with the seam on the inner trim. They also have a flat area at the ends. I cut them so that the flat area is toward the rear on both front doors.
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