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So anyone have any advice
Oil leaks (look under throttle body/top of transmission - this is usually a case that the car has PCV issues)
Coolant leaks (water pump, thermostat, coolant outlet)
Transmission services (if it hasn't ever had the fluid changed, I wouldn't go near this car)
Transmission cooler line leaks
Past wrecks?

Why was the original motor changed? Overheating or blew a piston (this is somewhat common and not really the fault of the owner)? If it was overheated, I wouldn't want a car from this owner.

are these pretty reliable vehicle
Hit or miss. Some people have had great luck with them; some have had terrible luck with them. Service records are a good indicator of which this car is. If it has been in the shop for a bunch of dumb things every few months, it's not a good one.

Later years (14-15) are generally more reliable than early years as GM somewhat worked out some of the common issues.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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