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Lordstown plant routing from Florida?

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ok so as some of you know im in fort Myers fl.. i am at work untill 7pm Wednesday the 18th and when i punch out i immediately get on the road. i have 2 ways of going. on my way to Ohio i want the LEAST scenic route since im on a time schedule. after the fun events on Friday im leaving early Saturday morning for florida, at this point i want the MOST scenic route since i have 48hr to do a 20 hr drive. im posting a pic of the 2 routs i can take according to google.

if taking Tennessee is the LEAST scenic i plan on leaving Wednesday 7pm and driving through the night and hit Tifton Ga at 1AM Thursday. sleep till 9:00am Thursday and leave 9:30. arrive at lords town motel 6 11:30pm Thursday night


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of the routs on the photo whats the least interesting way to get there and whats the most fun and beautiful way.
That is one **** of a drive! You'll probably make the record this year for longest distance traveled.

I don't know much about that route, but I have to give you two thumbs up for willing to drive that far.
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thanks bud, yah luckily Roxann is co piloting and so is the cruzes GPS. i also plan on hyper mileing the whole way. i figure since im driving Florida at night 55mph should be easy to do non stop to when ever my tank runs dry.
DO NOT take 95 through VA/MD. You'll hate yourself.

Looks like your route is already taking you up I77 from Charlotte through VA and WV. That's a beautiful drive through the mountains. It is hilly, though.
jblackburn so on the way up TO ohio your saying take the left path of Tennessee,Kentucky right? and return through Va and the carolinas
jblackburn so on the way up TO ohio your saying take the left path of Tennessee,Kentucky right? and return through Va and the carolinas
I've never been through TN/KY. Might be fun. The blue highlighted route is mostly I-77 though. It's a toll road in WV, but it's freaking gorgeous up there.

If you lived on the other side of Florida, it'd probably take you straight up I95 and then over through PA...the way I'll be going. I95 is a long stretch of boring, and then a long stretch of terrible traffic and idiot drivers.
so head through Georgia and cross over from I75 to I 85 then I 77? and this is the best way Up while rushing to get to ohio?
That's one you'll want to enjoy the scenery. I don't know which route is quicker. The lefter route looks more boring.
ahh ok perfect. if that's a really nice hilly and pretty route ill got it that way on the way home.
So from going by co works past drives and what i have from here now ill take the left path going up since at night ill burn through Atlanta easily.
As to the hypermiling part of the trip, you should be able to do very well as long as you don't get any headwinds. You have several things going for you.

You are leaving in the evening. Traffic should be lighter by then. Fill up shortly after you are on your way, right off the highway somewhere, after the Cruze is warmed up. Like you already mentioned, keep your speed down as long as it is safe to do so, you don't want to create a situation where you are an obstacle to traffic. These were contributing factors to how I managed to get my hypermiler gold badge on my way back up to NY from Florida.

Good luck!
Thanks for the vote of confidence. from fort Myers to valdosta GA is 340 miles so not even half my range capacity. im really not sure past 840 miles per tank... uncharted territory and since im in new literal territory ill have to be planned right to not waste fuel by prematurely stopping. its roughly 940 miles from me to Lexington Kentucky. i figure shy of the heart of city ill have to refuel
COMMON cruze members help a guy out. Any one else have any advice?
Buy an EZPass and load at least $30 onto it for tolls. There are a few you can drive straight through without stopping, but I can't recall if that was PA or Ohio.
does Ez pass work in most states? here in Florida we have sun pass but that's it.
Most of this part of the country (and Canadia):

United States: Delaware, Illinois,Indiana, Kentucky, Maine,Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York,North Carolina, Ohio,Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,Virginia, West Virginia

Canada: Ontario

They're sold at a lot of gas stations and convenience/pharmacy stores around here.
E-ZPass Group - About E-ZPass

on the way up it wont be of much use. on the way back im not worried since im going slow coming down
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