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I did mine in March, took about 15 minutes with simple hand tools. Easy Peazy.

Be sure to pass the new cable through the ‘loop’ that monitors current/voltage flow. Other than that it’s pretty straight forward, just connect both ends like the original.

During install I ran into a small glitch. The new cable did not have the small threaded-stud side terminal on the battery end. A small secondary ground cable attaches to this post.

I tried to remove the stud from the old cable using vise grips but no joy.

So I dug through the tool box and found an old jet ski battery battery bolt. It fit perfectly into the threaded hole.

RED - Old cable end showing threaded stud
GREEN - New cable installed with jet ski battery bolt

So just a note, if you order a cable online be prepared to ‘modify’ as needed to attach the small secondary ground cable at the battery end should yours come the way mine did.

More details HERE starting with post #200
I ran into that same glitch. I just took the old battery cable to my local hardware store, measured the thread on the stud, and paid like 14 cents for a screw that matched it.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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