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Hope someone can help.

I have a 2015 1.4L with 90k km.

Sometimes the car runs perfect and other times it has no power. When the loss of power happens, I get a message saying "Service Vehicle Soon". This message persists until letting the car sit for a while, then the message goes away and the car may or may not run good next time. Cycling the power on and off does not fix it.

The power loss feels like the computer is shutting down the turbo.

I just installed the cruzekits 3.1 pcv fix (stock check valve was clean and present in the manifold). I also just installed a new check valve connector at the turbo because the old one was blocked.

I bought it used and apparently the intake was replaced because it had silicone at the gasket and on the hose where the white clip goes (they lost the clip and oring).

The intake was coated with oil and got a good cleaning. The turbo and throttle body were clean.

The car isnt showing any codes when scanned and has no xhwxk engine light.

I have new plugs to put in soon.

How do i confirm the disk in the manifold isnt bad?

How do i test the turbo or any related parts of?

Any suggestions? Thank you!!!

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I get a message saying "Service Vehicle Soon"
That plus this...
The car isn't showing any codes
This is not possible. Are you getting the codes yourself, or having someone try after the fact?

I hope someone can help you with the PCV and turbo troubleshooting questions.

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Todays followup. Hooked up the obd2 plug in and fired up torque app lite. No fault codes at all.

Changed the plugs. No change.

Im shooting in the dark here.

Here are my observations today.

Plugs. Far left (#1?) soaked with oil.
#2 dry and white.
#3 some oil but white.
#4 dry and white.

The problem only happens when getting into boost. Once it hits 5 psi boost, it sits there and then either jumps to 15 psi and runs fine or gets the error message "Service Vehicle Soon" and drops to 2 psi. It appears this 5psi threshold is failing at times and the computer puts it into limp mode.

Again, with torque app, there are NO fault codes and NO check engine light.

If i reset faults in the app, it clears the error and the cycle of maybe it will boost and maybe not starts all over again.

Any suggestions?
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Hey lads have you found out the issue? I’ve recently had a bnr initial tune on my car and experienced the exact same issue
Yes!! Sorry for not replying. Coil Pack! Replaced turbo (big crack), the pcv hose and spark plugs. After plug replacement it ran good but couple days later, same thing. I must have sorta “fixed” coil pack when replaced plugs pushing it back on. Went back in and noticed 3rd coil was fried and barely connecting to top of plug. Inexpensive and easiest part to replace on entire car! Best to ya!
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