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Lots of nice cruze parts for sale!

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Sold my Cruze so now I have my old parts for sale.
Borla Muffler- $100
ZZP midpipe-$100
ZZP downpipe-$100
U-haul hitch- $100
ZZP Intercooler- $300
Bosch #42 injectors- $250
Snow Performance methanol injection kit- $250
Trifecta cable (red)- $100
With these parts you can add a lot of power to your cruze; some of these parts fit the sonic also.
Everything is in excellent condition and very simple to install. Call or text me (Josh) anytime for questions or offers. 402-980-5818
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Shoot me some pics of the intercooler. I'd need to know what kind of condition it's in...

Cash in hand.

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