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Lots of parts off a 2012 with pics and prices.

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These came of a 2LT with just 4,000 miles. Pick up from the DC area 20854 or add for shipping unless included. Will post additional parts soon.

Carpet: $150

Backglass: $150

It’s a genuine GM glass with the GM logo, not an aftermarket piece. There is a medium shade of tint applied. It has all the moldings and alignment pegs intact and in excellent condition. It was properly removed from the vehicle with the “WRD Spider” (Google it) removal system for a damage-free removal. A few things to keep in mind when buying these windows. You cannot buy the moldings separately from GM for this glass, and the aftermarket universal ones are junk on this application. And 90% of the junkyards remove the glass with a cold knife or power knife, both of which make it near impossible not to damage the moldings so the appearance looks shabby when installed. Also, most of the time the alignment pegs are broken off as well making installation that much more difficult.

Upper Dash Storage Compartment: $50 shipped SOLD

Should be a replacement for the open tray on the base models. With
rubber mat liner.

Silver Fuel Fill Filler Door $40 shipped

Automatic Shifter Assembly $40 SOLD

Tailights $70 each

Spare Tire Trunk Floor Cover Panel $75

Trunk Lid Hinges $60

Trunk Side Trim Panels $25 each

Spare Tire Kit $200

Right Rear Passenger Door Fixed Quarter Vent Window Side Glass $40

Right Rear Passenger Window Regulator and Motor $40

Coil Pack $50 shipped

Glove Compartment $50

Rear Parcel Package Tray $50
This costs over $200 from a Chevy dealer.

Center High Mounted Brake Stop Light $40 shipped

Center Console + Armrest $125

Passenger Side Knee Airbag $125 shipped SOLD

Instrument Cluster $60 shipped

Instrument Cluster Cover $25 shipped

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Latest pics

Still have engine and transmission, brakes, suspension, steering, wheels and tires, cat back exhaust, sunroof, etc. still on the car. Will sell whole for $600 with a salvage title if someone wants it complete.
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