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Lots of questions about tuning and modding

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Ok hey guys, what's up?
Well I got a bunch of questions.
Oh my car is the 1.4l turbo
First off tuning the psi for the turbo, how would I go about doing that?
Adjustable coil-overs where and how much?
Intakes... What works best on the 1.4?
Things I can do under the hood to improve hp, but not bolt on parts.
Drum to disc conversions? Anyone done it?
Driveline will it hold up to taking a beating or should I get something new?
Basically I want every bit of info I can get on how to upgrade my car as much as possible

I am making a sexy looking daily driver, that will move extremely fast, it will be 100% decked out. The stereo I am working on with a custom box and 2 kicker l7 12" hooked to a dd m3 amp . 0awg all the way back, upgrading to a yellow top bat under good and adding another in the trunk. Also larger alt want at least a 230amp

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I don't see the point of an LS in a FWD heavy Cruze. Especially if your gonna be adding all that audio stuff. Save the money on the swap and buy a new Chevy SS or look for a clean GTO. You will be way ahead in doing so.

As for most of you questions, they are answered in other threads. Just do a quick search and all your answers will be there!

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We have eco cars so I always say to strive to stay within the parameters of what the cars was designed for. Unless you you think the cruze is the best looking car in the world and you are going to keep it forever (since you wont be able to sell an eco car with 400hp) than swap the motor, assuming you have about $15000 for labor or have a crap ton of free time and a well equipped shop at your disposal.
I suggest just tuning it, d/p, intake and port your manifold

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Not sure why my thing posted twice.. And thanks all, and as for a well equipped shop :) yeah that's more than covered.
As for the best looking car.. No it's not the best looking, but it's a fun little car, and I just think it would be funny as **** to roll up next the a kid in a mustang and win in a race ;) kill his pride and ego maybe make him cry :p
Plus having one of the most upgrades cruzes on here would be pretty col.

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