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I'm pretty new to the whole small engine turbo thing. I use to have a 02 corvette with over 400 hp, now because I have a kid on the way I had to downsize quite a bit. Now I have a 2014 rs cruze. It's not bad for a little car.

Alright here we go with the questions:
1. I'm trying to increase the power and reliability of the car. Currently I have a k&n airfilter and a trifecta tune with 93 octane along with full synthetic oil (Mobil 1, I always used it in the vette so why not). I ordered a injen cold air intake, forge recirculating valve. Is there any other upgrades I should be looking at? I don't want a race car (pockets are not deep enough anymore) and I drive alot so fuel economy is always in mind. Currently getting 37.7 with 75% highway.

2. Where do you get the update to the trifecta tune? I got it in mid to late August and I recently saw that they had a update. I tried contacting BNR where I ordered the tune and haven't heard anything from them in almost a week, I also contacted WOT TUNING and same thing.

3. Following the tune question since I got the tune, on cruze control on down hill or even straight a ways I get the car pulses and the RPMs go up and down a little in sync with the pulsation, is that because of the tune? and would the update fix it? Any other time either not in use or normal driving it's fine.

4. I got a boost gauge and I want to install it. Where would I tap into to get the power and everything I need without ripping everything apart?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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